How NY Pawn Shops Work

How it works: Counting Money

At N.Y. Pawnbrokers Inc. our customers have two options:

1. Customers can pawn property and in return, we lend them money. Pawn loans are made on everything from jewelry to electronics to autos. When the customer pays back the loan their property is returned to them. Customers can also extend the loan by paying the accrued charges on most pawns.

2. Customers can elect to sell merchandise to us in exchange for cash on the spot.

Both options take about 10 minutes. Leave with Cash in Hand.

Step 1: Bring Valuables To The Pawn Shop

Bring Your Valuable To
The Pawn Shop

Jewely, Watches, Electonics, Cars, etc


Step 2: Pawn or Sell Your Valuables

Pawn or Sell
Your Valuables

Get a Loan or Sell your item in 10 minutes. No credit check.


Step 3: The Pawn Shop Pays You Cash

Pawn Shop Pays You

We pay cash on the spot

Legal Information

  • 18 years old
  • Maximum 4% per month/ 48% per annum.
  • Loans are for 4 months with a 30 day grace period.
  • All loans have a service charge from $4-$10, 2% vault charge(jewelry only), extra care charge(non-jewelry items).
  • The 4% per month and 48%apr is interest only
  • Legal ID required

Required Disclosures

  • Governed by New York State
  • New York City and Federal Laws that apply to pawnbrokers
  • NYC Department of Consumer Affairs
  • USA Patiot Act
  • Truth-in Lending Act
  • Banking Secrecy Act