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Pawning your vehicle is a quick and easy way to get a low-interest cash loan for your vehicle, even if you have bad credit. All loans are good for up to 4 months plus a 30 day grace period.

The only requirements are the title, car and valid driver’s license. We will store your vehicle for you so you do not have the use of your vehicle while it is in our possession.

Please see below for further requirements.

Call to Schedule an Appointment

Speak with one of the Expert Vehicle Managers who will verify if your vehicle meets our requirements in 10 minutes or less.

Happy customers
Come in With Necessary Documents

After scheduling your appointment to bring the vehicle along with the Title and Drivers License to us.

Get Cash Today No Credit Checks

That day you will receive a Low-Interest Cash Loan good for up to 5 months, regardless of credit!



  • Must have a title
  • No outstanding loans
  • Vehicle must not be leased
  • Must be in good condition

Have Additional Questions? Call Now!

How N.Y. Pawnbrokers Inc. Works:

  • Our pawn clients have access to some of the best collateral loan interest rates in the US, at only 4% per month.
  • You have to be 18 years old.
  • Loans are for 4 months, with a 30-day grace period.
  • All loans have a service charge from $4-$10, 2% vault charge (jewelry only), extra care charge (non-jewelry items.)
  • Legal I.D. required.